Why cloud computing is important for business

Cloud computing is a method of managing, storing and processing data in an interconnected network of internet-hosted remote servers. Note that the words hard drive did not appear in the sentence. That is because you are not using one for storing and accessing data. You are using the cloud which is a fancy way of saying your data is floating around somewhere other than on your hard drive. So, here we go.

1 A Crash Will Only Impact Your Computer If You Drop It Off A Skyscraper

While that statement is a bit of an exaggeration, it does happen to have a shred of truth buried somewhere in it. Cloud computing is more or less a high-tech insurance policy in case your computer does crash or someone decides to pitch it out of an office window to the pavement down below. That is quite simply because your data is not kept on the hard drive. It also makes sense that if someone was to break into your office and made off with your hard drive, your data would still be safe as it would be floating in the upper atmosphere in The Cloud.

2 If You Work For A Government Agency, You Probably Using Cloud Technology It is a fact. About half of the government agencies in the United States are in the clouds. That just the ones who admit to using it. In reality, the number is probably much greater than 50-percent. In other words, depending on what branch of the government you work for, chances are you’ve been convinced that the government itself is the largest user of The Cloud. Plus, as a fed staffer you’ll also know that there are private, commercial and shared clouds. Your boss will be most likely populating private clouds for security reasons and to keep control over all that data.

3 Money Still Makes The Cloud Go Round And Round Banks are responsible for the highest traffic activity in The Cloud. We can credit the explosion related to mobile banking services that popped into the universe in 2013 for amping up the amount of transaction activity. It also made banking relevant again so those who were stashing cash in a mattress for a rainy day can now stuff those figures into a cloud so that when needed, they can tap into it easier with a smartphone. In away, you can turn every day into a rainy day with your access to a cloud through your banking institution.

4 Cloud Computing Gives Cryptocurrency Traders A Safe Place To Hide Um, we deny we said anything about this if you press us for details. But the reality is, with cloud technology, you can pay for virtually anything virtually. That is to say, you can send virtual money to anywhere you want with incredible ease. Virtual payment platforms such as PayPal and virtual currencies like Bitcoin have cloud computing to thank for all their success.

5 Cloud Computing Recorded A 30 Percent Growth Rate In Three Years Projections in 2013 sat at the cloud computing market reaching 106 billion by 2016. It did and continued to spin out of control. For comparison sake, the entire IT industry saw a growth rate that was significantly lower in the period between 2013 and 2018. The number kicked around by some – what we call reliable – sources pegged it at the rather lame 5-percent total.

6 The Majority Of The Cloud Workload Is From Software-As-A-Service Such things as Amazon WebServices (AWS) are taking up the majority of the workload on thecloud these days. In 2013, the projection for 2018 was that 59-percent of all cloud computing activity would be AWS type workloads. That projection was calculated to represent an increase of 41-percent from 2013. Online Blog: page. Expect it to continue to grow just as The Cloud continues to grow.

7 We Mentioned Security And The Cloud, Another Mention The majority of US IT decision makers say that they trust the security of The Cloud. Or at least that the information they have chosen to leak to the rest of us. They like using it to store “sensitive data,” and as a result, over 80-percent of the worlds major corporations are doing the same for the same reasons. Most of them also report saving bundles of money storing data there.

8 We Also Mentioned The Cloud Is Going To Grow Some More The beauty about The Cloud is that size does not matter all that much. As a result, the public cloud is expected to see a growth rate in the neighborhood of 44-percent over the next five years. For a little perspective, the traditional hard drive format of computing is expected to see a growth rate of about 9-percent in the very same time frame. Or that was what we’d been told.

9 Cloud Computing Will Clean Up Your IT Department The majority of companies apparently 80 percent of them see improvements related to efficiency, quality, and security shortly after adopting cloud-based services. The move has also saved these companies money, helped them to reduce costs and pushed them to use staff far more efficiently.Streamlining is a hidden bonus that comes from moving to The Cloud.

10 There Are No Real Storms Brewing Inside Any Of These Clouds Unlike the real thing, The Cloud is a pretty stable environment. Weather and terrain have no bearing on the speed and efficiency it has in delivering services. The security that is provided through cloud services is virtually, and there won’t be any sort of uprising that will see your portion of The Cloud taken over by angry protestors or from excessive moisture buildup.

11 You Can Rest Easy Knowing Your Secrets Are Stashed Inside The Cloud We don’t want to give you a false sense of security as there is always one of those smart guys out there who can hack their way into anything. Also, there are a few IT types which can be bribed. However, those instances are generally isolated and rare in the world of cloud computing. This means that you can keep a lot of personal, really sensitive data in The Cloud without any worry.

12 One Day You May Be Able To Throw Away Your Hard Drive Sure, that day not today, but it wont be too far into the future. We predict a time where your computers will just be basic keyboards withinternet access. All the work you would do on that keyboard would exist and be stored in your very own personal section of The Cloud.It’s already being done, and we just see the hard drive world suffering a good old beating in the future.

13 Time To Sell Your Stock In Seagate And Look At AWS We sort of joking here, and we sort of not. Seagate is one of the leaders in the manufacture of computer hard drives. We see companies like this one having to take a good look at what they are doing to meet the demand for cloud computing services. Amazon Web Services are already in that boat and paddling fast. Sell Seagate shares now, start to gobble up some AWS.

For A Change, This Type Of Low Cloud Is Not Related To Fog As we stated already, the weather forecast is good for the future of cloud computing. It is a case of when it rains, it pours. Nothing is going to put a damper on the success and continued growth of The Cloud. Our evidence comes from two sources. One, the stuff we been reading and two, the stuff we shared with you here. It is definitely a good time to be in the IT field. Well, a good time at least to exercise some fine tuning of services within the IT field of work. However, computer manufacturing companies may need to take a closer look at how new technology is continuing to evolve and change not just how we use computers but where we keep the data for use. In simpler terms, this is a cloud that isn’t going to burst anytime soon. With this in mind, some industry companies may need to seek another type of umbrella where they will need a parachute in order to survive the impact of the changes we see coming down the road.