If you are still undecided on switching over from Windows to Linux, I will offer you nine good reasons to make a switch promptly.


Linux, you can make your online operations without installing any anti-virus. Even with an antivirus, your computer is always at the risk of catching some viruses. For instance, if you have a premium antivirus, it will continuously alert to possible virus detection. With a Linux OS, you don’t require an antivirus. Viruses and malware are alien to the Linux world. Linux is generally immune to the majority of viruses, and it is extremely difficult to get infected by viruses by just surfing the internet, or opening e-mails. The Linux OS is known for its excellent security features. Think Iptables. Session encryption safeguards you from unscrupulous packet sniffers who might have access to one of the networks whereby the packets between both hosts might need to travel. All security update ought to be reviewed and applied whenever possible. Also make sure that you have a superb and robust password policy.


What can motivate a user than an operating system that is free and rarely crashes? You will spend nothing absolutely to obtain a Linux OS, unlike Windows that will cost you up to $100 to upgrade from 8.1/10. You will save some money if you switch from Windows to Linux and provide a great operating system. Once you try Ubuntu you will wonder why anyone uses Windows. Free is good.


Hardware constraints have been linked to some operating systems like Windows considering that it needs at least 1 GB of RAM. Running the various versions of Windows on a low configuration will be difficult experience as it will make the system slow. However, for Linux OS, things are different. It can run on any hardware. Besides, the OS can be customized for various users and different hardware requirements.This Is huge.


If you are looking for an operating system that is very stable, then you should switch to Linux. It is very stable and rarely crashes. In addition to that, the Linux OS runs as first as it was initially installed even after some several years. Most users have experienced how a new installed Windows OS runs fast and becomes very slow after some period of use. Linux systems are commonly recognized for their capability to run for years without failure. Type w at the command line to see the uptime.

Ease To Use

You don’t need to be a genius or computer expert to use the Linux operating system. The OS has become more user-friendly with a brilliant graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI has been created in such a way that even the most ordinary users can handle the OS as easy as Windows without having any knowledge of commands. If you are using some applications that only run on the Windows operating system, you can opt to install the Wine (Windows Emulator) and then run those applications on your Linux system.

Drivers Are Included

If you are a Windows user, you may have experienced some hard time with drivers. It can be a challenging task to find the correct driver for your system. However, for the Linux OS, most drivers are directly supported by the Linux Kernel, and this means you will not struggle with the issue of drivers. You are required to plug in the driver, and you will be ready to use your computer. Device drivers take on a distinctive part in the Linux kernel. Each vendor makes the decision to implement a customized protocol to speak to their device, thus a custom made driver usually has to be created.


Linux currently has a broad range of games available for users compared to the recent past. Besides, native games are still accessible and can be downloaded on sites like “GOG.com.” Undoubtedly, the very first place you should search for Linux games is on Steam. A wide variety of terminal games are found at ttygames.wordpress.com. In addition to that, you can still access Windows-only games on the sites like ‘PlayOnLinux’ while on your Linux system.Game on.

Better Updating Process

The process of updating Windows can be hectic and slow. The Windows operating system will always alert you that you have some system updates. You have noticed the OS telling you to “prepare to configure windows, do not shut down your system,” and t you can wait the whole day. For, Linux OS, the updating process is much faster and comfortable.  Patches are released to defend your system from the most recent threats therefore, it’s highly advisable to install them to guard your software and hardware. True, critical patches take a reboot, but you might go months without rebooting.  When updates are available, you will receive notifications and all your applications will be updated.


Most Linux computers are accompanied with their applications, and the user will not be required to Google and download needed applications. In addition to that, anything you download from the internet will be safe, compatible, and continuously updated. You can get your hands on mysql, apache, wordpress, and more. Linux has zillions of unique applications out there in numerous categories. There is tons of free open source linux software out there, happy downloading.