Lambda is among the fastest-growing products AWS has released in recent decades. This is why you should use it:

The AWS Lambda console supplies a web-based code editor that you are able to utilize to receive your function ready to go. Lambda supports encrypted environment variables from the box.

It runs on the cloud. AWS Lambda is the major product once it comes to serverless computing, aka Function for a Service (FaaS). AWS Lambda functions need a little bit of programming that carries out a particular job. Before you assume AWS Lambda or another serverless system is appropriate for you, take the opportunity to deeply rate your infrastructure.

The Lambda functions are secure and run as part of the very same VPC. Therefore, if you take advantage of a Lambda Function once each day, you merely pay for it once each day, billed to the 100ms. There is no need to pay for an ec2 server.

When you produce a Lambda function you’ve got to link an IAM Role to it. Apart from the supported sources, it’s not possible to invoke Lambda functions. Lambda Enables Microservices you are able to decide on the total amount of memory you wish to allocate to the functions. You get to select the security inside it also.

There are a few limits on the size and kind of code that it is possible to deploy on AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda is quite a cost-efficient service should you need to scale your software regularly. Lambda functions can process SQS messages.

Here is a python ec2 reboot script for aws lambda, tested and proven:

import boto3

region = ‘us-east-1’

instances = [‘i-9488fb6c’]

def lambda_handler(event, context):

ec2 = boto3.client(‘ec2’, region_name=region)


print ‘rebooted your instances: ‘ + str(instances)

note: you have to edit region and instance id.

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