Easy to use

WordPress is extremely easy to use. WordPress has thousands of totally free themes to select from. WordPress offers the largest number of paid and completely free plugins than every other Content Management Systems. WordPress is more straightforward to manage. To begin with, you’ll need to register for a WordPress hosting service provider. WordPress is simple to use and has an intuitive user interface, which makes it effortless that you create or update pages on your website.

Awesome CMS

WordPress is a complete CMS or Content Management System which may be used for static websites, e-commerce websites, company websites and a whole lot more. You can add images and text via the control panel. You can download a backup of the entire thing with one click.

Amazing platform

While WordPress is a great site building platform, if you’re not monitoring it all the moment, your site could become vulnerable to attacks, so you need to use a provider that has monitoring. Plugins ensure it is simple for you to personalize your website to fulfill your brand’s needs, without weighing down your website. Plugins are a means to customize your site to fit your unique small business needs. Plugins are programs composed of one or numerous functions that integrate with a WordPress website to enhance it with new capabilities. The amazing thing about WordPress is the capability to continually add new features to your blog since they are developed. You can create pages, add images, link to other sites, all in an intuitive interface.

It is free

Since WordPress is free and hosting is quite inexpensive, a do-it-yourself small business proprietor can get going for a meager price tag. You can learn all about it in a few hours. There are training videos on youtube, also free. You do still have to pay for hosting, or else host it on your server with 2g ram, and 1 CPU or more.


WordPress sites are incredibly scalable. If your site starts to get traction, evolving beyond a very simple small business site or site, you will need to have (or hire) technical expertise to make sure it continues to run smoothly.

WordPress themes also offer diverse application, which aids the designers to reach the half-a subject of their taste. You’re able to switch between the themes as several times as you’d like to locate the ideal aesthetic and most useful design. It is also feasible to easily customize a current theme or construct a new one.


Things to know about WordPress

WordPress has become very popular and is the fastest growing CMS software. WordPress, when it started, was meant for blogging with the main aim of making the experience easier. It has evolved as time went to a full Content Management System that can produce even very large, complicated and responsive websites rather than a blogging tool. Though there is a misconception about WordPress. A lot of people still associate WordPress with blogs, but there exist two forms, i.e., wordpress.com and wordpress.org. There are a lot of things to know about WordPress. With it’s available more than 44k plugins downloaded millions of times over by users and a very good number of amazing themes that allows functionality extension in various ways.

A flash overview

·         Beginners can build websites due to its code-free environment

·         It has incredible support from users and developers alike.

·         Tools are very easy to understand and use

·         Layouts are easy to learn.

Now let us clear the confusion between wordpress.com and wordpress.org


WordPress.com allows people to set up free websites operating on a WordPress software custom version. This version does not have many themes and plugins so it is limited in what it can do. Websites produced here cannot be transferred to different hosts. So you host with wordpress.com


This is where the full package of what WordPress has to offer is. Companies and developers use this open source WordPress to build websites. There are yet a lot of things to know about WordPress.

It can be used to promote businesses

Advanced technology has made the world quite a small place to live in. Unlike in the yesteryears, the use of telephones has made life so very easy for both people and businesses. People do not need to peel through those one thousand page phonebooks to get the number of a business. More than 80% of internet users browse the internet through their phones. So your business is a click away from potential customers.

WordPress is integrated with search engine optimization practices that help business to be visible on search engines like google.


Use to create blogs and websites

Blogs are a great site for individuals and businesses as well. WordPress is one of the commonest used CMS for creating blogs and complicated websites.

Websites and blogs provide a lot of information to their users whether it is a personal blog or a business blog. They help to promote a business or product or brands. 

WordPress can help you create a subscription and membership plans on your site

This is surely one of the best features WordPress has to offer. The management of users and payment can’t be any easier without the use of this plugin. It helps you to set up a monthly subscription or even offer discounts to visitors or customers. It is a very important plugin, especially for business sites.

Help you create your online portfolio

Showcasing your abilities online exposes you to a lot of opportunities. Many people use WordPress, usually one of the one-page themes available to build their resume online. It is a powerful tool as this demonstrate to clients, employers or customers your aptitude.

To make a website functions the way you want, you just need a few codes, and you will have what you want on word press. Customization through the use of shortcodes is more easily managed than the CSS and PHP inputs.

The integrations of social media buttons to engage visitors is one of the things that makes WordPress just great. The IFTTT plugin available helps to create post automatically from your social media outlets. This engages and allows customers to participate. A good turn deserves another, so when visitors are satisfied after a visit to your site, the probability of coming around again is very high.

Studies show that people get to engage more when they watch videos than any other thing.  About 85% of marketers online use videos as a marketing strategy.

You can easily upload videos to your site and even embed your videos from YouTube to your WordPress site due to its easy setup.

You can use WordPress to build an online store.

If you are own a business, then one of the things to know about WordPress is that you can actually build an online store for your business. This will help you connect you with your customers even from a distance. Statistics show that by 2020 e-commerce sales will reach more than $4 trillion. Well, time to prepare to have your own share of the cake. This simply means that much real-life business will surely host their online version of business to grab a share.

The creation of an online store in WordPress is very easy. You can build an e-commerce site and start using it anytime in WordPress with the use of a plugin called woocommerce.  E-Commerce and a blog can be created on the same site, and there is an available dashboard that can help you to engage and serve customers.