Drones are not permitted to fly everywhere. There are complex regulations that vary greatly depending on your area.


You Must Know About Where To Fly Drones

Owning a drone (your bird) is one of the most joyous and exciting achievement anyone can ever have. Many people buy and fly their drones without remembering that there are rules and regulations around them. Before you buy your first drone, thorough research about drones rules and regulations is a must-do thing.

These rules and regulations vary depending on the region you are located. For instance, the rules and regulations for drone systems in the US can differ from those of Europe and Asia among other parts of the world.

Where, When And How Is Flying My Drone Legal? Many people ask before they buy their drones. To find the answer to this question, first learn the drone law governing your region, and in case you don’t understand everything to the bit, ask for help.

Did You Know That Drones Delivery Is Not Permitted Everywhere?

Why this is because maximum safety and efficiency must be ensured the airspace. In the US, which has one of the most complex airspaces, drone operators must know about where and when it is safe to fly drones for safety and efficiency purposes.

FAA has introduced guidelines and regulations to be followed during drone delivery. FAA is a special body mandated with the role of controlling the airspace to see to it that air traffic flies efficiently and smoothly at all times.

To ensure that your Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) does not endanger people or other airspace, you need to learn the airspace restrictions in your region. Drones are not allowed to fly near the airports, military bases, National parks, and prisons. Flying above a sporting event is restricted to ensure safety to people and aircraft. There are details on the know before you fly site.


Which Is The Best Drone Zone?

To promote the safe and responsible use of drones, the FAA has identified the best drone zone and of course the NO drone zone. To find out if your location is safe for drone delivery, download the FAA safety app now.

The best zone for drones to fly is the free section of the airspace. Why? Because this free section is not under the supervision of the air traffic control.


Where Not To Fly Drones

Whether you want to fly drones for personal or commercial purposes, you are only allowed to fly drones in the free section of the airspace. In the US, it is called the airspace category G. Therefore, do not fly drones in airspace monitored by air traffic control. This is to ensure that you do not endanger other aircrafts such as planes and helicopters.

In effect to this, everyone must follow the general rules of flying drones. You are not allowed to fly drones in the dark or exceed an altitude of 120 meters above the water or ground. Priority should be given to all other aircraft including airplanes and helicopters. Ensure that you fly your drones at a safe distance away from buildings and people. Always ensure that you keep your drone in sight.  


Want To Maintain Your License?

If you want to keep your license and enjoy using drones whether for personal or money gaining purposes, always ensure that you are careful about the no-fly zones. Download an app to help you know the best zones for drones to fly in your area.


Best Apps For Drones

After buying your drone, download the best app to guide you every day on where and when drones can fly. The following are the best apps for your drone.

–          DroneMate

–          UAV forecast

–          Hover – Drone and UAV pilot app

–          UK – Drone Assist

–          USA -FAA’s B4UFLY

–          DJI’s Built-in Safe Geo Zone Map

–          Australia Can I Fly There App

The above free apps are very effective any time you want to check the no-fly zones for your drone. These are reliable apps that are fully detailed and has got super features to help you with the weather forecast. They provide you with a full global coverage as well as real-time information needed about flight restrictions. They make it easier for everyone to fly drones while adhering to all the local regulations.

Other key features like flight readiness indicator and flight logs as well as newsfeed pertaining drones are provided depending on the app you download. Read through the features of each app and find the app that meets your specific needs.


Effects Of Violating Drone Safety Laws

If you are a drone operator, always try not to violate the drone safety laws. This is to escape heavy fines which can be in tens of thousands of dollars. In this case, you may also lose your license. Therefore, make sure you read your local laws before you fly your drones.


Do You Want To Fly Smoothly?

Every drone operator would want to fly safely and smoothly. For comprehensive and accurate information about drones rules and regulations in your area, download a free app now. The apps help you find areas where is safe for you to fly your drone and alert you on the areas with restrictions and notify you when and where flying drones in certain areas can raise the alarm.

Some apps automatically stop you from flying your drone in areas with restriction or warn you when in the less restricted airspace. Ensure that you go for an app that will give you up-to-date information you need for a safe and smooth drone flight.

Understanding your local drone laws and regulations is the most indispensable thing any drone operator can do.

This is to ensure that your safety is enhanced as well as the safety of other people and aircraft in the region. Find out if it is mandatory for you to register your drone first before taking flight in your area. Adhere to the drone laws and you will enjoy your drones to the bit.