An unmanned aerial vehicle which is popularly known as “Drone” is an aircraft without having a human ride it. It is connected to a human standing on the ground and operating the drone through a network, so the human itself doesn’t have to be in it to control it.

1. Military and Security

Drones are popular in the world military and defense. Since the drones can also have cameras installed into them, the drones are sent to threat areas to check if there are any bombs. Moreover, the drones are also used to carry out military operations, where they work as explosions against the terrorists. There is no life threat, and the mission turns out to be a success. This type of drone is usually a smaller version of the shape of an airplane.

This is one of the greatest achievements of the evolution of drones to the world today. It is easy for the military to survey security threats and to monitor traffic. These gadgets can transmit the feed they record from the designated site and replay it to the owner for the purpose intended.

2. Delivery and Shipping

Day by day, human labor is decreasing, and the machines are taking over. Similarly, drones are also used to deliver small packages over a short distance. This means, that for delivering a small item a human is not needed anymore a drone will carry out this job. Companies like Amazon and UPS have applied this use of a drone. Moreover, not only appliances but food items such as pizza, burgers are also delivered using a drone.

3. Film making and photography

Drones have also taken their important step in the world of media. A quadcopter is used for taking aerial shots. Moreover, various movie stunts are also shot using a drone with a camera fitted into it. Some of the movies that used drone technology are, James Bond’s Skyfall, Leonard Di Caprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the very well-known and famous television series Game of Thrones. Moreover, the drones are also being used to capture events by journalists who themselves cannot reach the unsuitable places. In this case, the drones are sent out to get the live footage for broadcast.

4. Disaster Management and rescue

In the time when there is a natural disaster in the country, drones can come in handy. The drones can be sent out there to monitor the situation and as well as provide aid. Latest news can also be received in that area with the help of a drone. Instead of taking tanks or helicopters to the areas which are dangerous, drones are sent for quick results. Also, the drones are equipped with sensors which can detect lost lives, so it is easier to locate them especially in the low light or night time.

Drones have aided in the process of managing natural and artificial disasters. These gadgets have been used to carry people away from fire outbreaks where firefighters cannot get through. Flood victims have been saved from the risk of being carried away even as their homes are swept. The number of people drowning in rivers has also been reduced making these gadgets optimal for saving lives from imminent danger. In addition to this, drones are also used to deliver food to war-torn areas or areas with no access to food. Some refugee camps are only accessible through drones thus providing the only means of food delivery.

5. Geographic Mapping

Today’s maps are highly specialized, and they carry each and every detail of a street or even waters and mountains. It is difficult for a human to climb all parts of the mountains and get footage. Drones are used for this purpose as well. They collect the data which helps to update the maps. Google maps use this technology to update their existing maps in return which gives humans a map with each and every route and detail.

6. Agriculture

The agricultural sector uses drones in a variety of ways. The drones are used to measure the lengths and widths of the crops to estimate the harvesting time. Moreover, instead of manual labor spreading seeds and fertilizers, drones carry out the seeding process. Moreover, inspection of plants is also done by the drones. The heat sensors installed in a drone can detect the temperature of crops, livestock and the availability of water. The biological sensors help check if any pests or insects attacks are to be dealt with.

The sector is one of the biggest in the world. It is practiced by a large percentage of the global population. There are various ways that drone delivery has eased this. For starters, fertilizers and pesticides can be delivered to the farm from a local store at the orders of the farmer. Instead of heading out, he can buy the package and have the drone pick it up for him. Also, these drones deliver pesticides to the plants through massive aerial application of the pesticides. It is not only convenient but also safe for the farmer since there is a reduced chance of inhaling these chemicals on an application.

7. Real Estate

The real estate also uses drone technology in some ways. Aerial building shots are taken which would be difficult to take for a human. Moreover, the drones reach the parts of a building and take shots where humans cannot even reach, and this helps in giving a good picture and advertising on a whole new competitive level.

8. Pipelines inspection

We use to hear some issues regarding breakdowns due to damage in the pipelines, but this isn’t the case now. Drones are sent inside the oil and gas pipelines for inspection now and then. They are also sent to the electricity generators to check if everything is going well. This helps solve complex problems before accidents happen.

This is one of the key things to know about drone delivery. For a long time, construction has relied heavily on the use of manpower. Nevertheless, with the growth of technological advancement, this is slowly changing to make construction more safe and efficient. Drones are used to deliver construction materials from the ground to the current floor presently undergoing construction. Also, they are used to place some of these materials at strategic positions thus aiding in the actual construction work.

9. Wildlife monitoring

With the increasing theft of the wildlife animals, it was becoming a threat to their natural habitat. Later, the drone technology was used to keep in check the sea animals and as well as the land animals such as elephants, rhinos and lions. Moreover, drones help get footage of animals in their natural habitat without getting noticed so the natural behavior of the animals can be studied by the wildlife enthusiasts.

10. Drone racing

This is one of the popular use of a drone. A new sport called drone racing is now common, and people take part in it for fun. Special racing drones are designed for this purpose, check it out. The racer wears a gear on his head, and he is only able to see what the drone itself can see. There are simple and complex tasks to carry out to win the race. Who so ever complete the tasks first wins the drone race. He or she is awarded and praised by the racing community.

With the drone technology developing each day and drones stepping into every industry with the passage of time, there might be more uses of drones in the coming years. There is not a single design of a drone to carry out all the tasks. The nature of the tasks varies, so that’s why the shape, size, weight, and design of the drone vary accordingly. The basic design of a drone is beautiful bodies with 4 rotors which help it fly and move in the air. Most of the drones have different sensors and cameras installed into them.