Flying drones was illegal however buying one wasn’t. Recently Drone flying has been made legal by the government of India. The Director General of Civil Aviation issued Drone Regulation 1.0 which highlighted where when and how could drone be flown. So now, from 1 December 2018, you could fly and see people flying drones in the sky.

Prerequisites of Flying Drone:

License – To fly a drone, you would need to get license permission which would be known as Unnamed Aircraft Operator Permit. The drone to be easily identifiable would be registered with the government of India. These activities would ensure that they aren’t used for illegal purposes, among other things. Though all drones wouldn’t need a driving license, and the one which weighs less than 2 KGs would be exempted from this system.

Functions required – Furthermore, every drone would need some functions, barring which they would not be allowed to be flown. These prerequisite functions are built-in GPS, return-to-home function, light through which collisions could be avoided, an identification plate and a flight controller that keeps the log of the data of the whole flight.

Zones of Flying drone – There are different places and zones identified and listed out which would play a crucial role in the trip of a drone. There are three zones listed out, which are Red, Yellow and Green. The red zone includes those areas where the flying drone is strictly prohibited. These areas are of high public importance such as Airport, near international borders, military concerned areas, among others. Keeping in mind the security and confidentiality concerned with these places, such restrictions have been put up. The Yellow zone is a bit less strict, as one could fly a drone in this place after filing a flight plan and an air defense clearance certificate. The green zone is those places which are uncontrolled in terms of flight operation, and you could easily fly drones in those places.

The Particulars of Flying – Now if you need to operate the drone finally, you would need to download an app that will work as the front end for the flying drone. The drone operator or flyer would have to apply for permission through this app and the request for flying the drone. The government would allow or disallow the application. You have to log in to the app every time in order to fly the plan, and this would be done without any exception.

Limits for flying drone – There are several restrictions which are put up. Such as the drone couldn’t be flown during the night and shouldn’t be dragged away beyond the sight of the person flying it. Also, there has been a limit put up regarding the flight of drone, which mentions that it cant be flown above the height of 400 Feet.

These are the points which are crucial to being kept in mind while flying the drone as per the new laws introduced by the ministry. We hope that people would keep in mind the safety and security of others and their privacy and all these wouldn’t create any ruckus. Also allowing uavs in India would certainly benefit the economy and would be good for the long-term economic development of India. We are sure that those days are not far when we would be getting our daily groceries through drones. However, for now, drones for commercial purpose are only allowed in agriculture, health and emergency sector. The delivery of food products or online bought articles is not allowed through a drone for now. However, there are chances that these points would be kept in mind and allowed in the further notification to be issued by the Government of India in the near future. Till then we could at least enjoy flying drone without the fear of being charged for violation of the law. It is indeed a great and praiseworthy move by the government, and we hope such initiatives are brought in the future too.

The Advent of Drones

Several 100 years ago, the people would have looked at the sky and wondered whether they would be someday able to fly like this or not. Fast forward to the year 1903, Wright Brothers made it possible for humans to fly parallel to clouds and it became a new milestone for the humanity. The invention of the airplane had made life easier for us, and now no place seemed far to reach.

Now, as the time progressed it was time for another invention and humans further wanted to create a product which could augment the flying experience even more. Due to this wish of us, the invention of the drone was done. These drones not only provided us with a new way to explore the world and reach place virtually which were earlier thought to be unexplorable. These drones brought a revolution in the flying technology and led to change in our perspective of the world we live in. These devices could be easily be handled through the use of a remote. More technological progression provided the ease of handling these through the use of phone and tablets. There are several benefits of having a drone, and these could be useful for the following purposes-

  1. They could be used to create beautiful and aesthetically appealing movies and feature films.
  1. Reaching places such as caves, high buildings, top of some monuments have been made easy through drones’ usage.

3. Many times, there exist some emergency situations where it is difficult to gauge the geography of some particular place which is undergoing difficulties. Some of the examples of these situations are Forest Fire, Tsunami, among others.