If you thought, “Great, another article about Amazon Web Services to put me to sleep,” then think again.  While this may not be as exciting as exclusive pics of Kim Kardashian’s new pink Yoga Pants, or how to make a jaw-dropping hand puppet for your next big speech, you can be sure AWS is relevant to you.  Even more than hand puppets. 

But only a little.

Sound the Trumpets

When you hear the word Amazon, what comes to mind? 

Is it Prime, Alexa, Kindle, or maybe Jeff Bezos?   Or do you think about that new I-pod, humongous box of Sun chips or hair growth restoration oil you recently bought?

Are you reminded of the time you opened a random box for your lover and found a mysterious black bag that contained something like a giant rubber bratwurst inside? 

Whatever it is, you probably don’t think about the world’s largest tropical rainforest which features the biggest rodent on Earth (the Capybara) or the Sloth, which slightly resembles both the physical appearance and behavioral mannerisms of your half-brother Willie.

Amazon is a powerhouse that ships things around the world, launches rockets into space, and bestows an industry leading IT platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which does about everything imaginable (except regrow your hair).

Jeff Bezos

The man in charge of Amazon.com; the man without a single hair on his head and the wealthiest man in the entire world.  His net worth exceeds 100 billion dollars.  He owns the Washington Post, Amazon.com, and the aerospace company Blue Origin.  He gives bald men everywhere a reason to believe that success can be achieved, despite resembling America’s favorite bird.  Not the turkey.

The reason for Bezos big hike in net worth is not due to his recently pumped up muscles or how well he wears a padded black vest and a pair of sunglasses, walking from a private jet resembling Agent 47 from the popular Hitman video game series. 

He’s not going to kill anyone except his competitors. 

Bezos has created an empire and AWS is one of the latest reasons why he’s so rich.  Amazon Web Services is similar to having a million Jeff Bezos working hard on your behalf every day.  It is like the movie Transcendence (2014) featuring Johnny Depp where he uploads himself into a server like an omnipresent deity capable of controlling the world even beyond death.

The service itself is much better than the film, which somehow managed 6.3/10 stars on IMDB.

What is AWS

Understanding AWS takes an extraordinary person with a keen mind—one who is technical and able to understand how to assemble a Rubix cube in 15 seconds or less or psychoanalyze a cat, tame it and cure its ills telepathically in under a minute.  A person that can type ones and zeros to create an interactive chatbot named Linda who is funny, sensitive, and a lady you’ve become rather smitten with.

To begin to understand AWS requires you to have basic computer skills.  It also helps if you can remember your password to login to your smartphone or computer.

You probably use Amazon Web Services and don’t even know it.  Have you ever talked to an AI lady named Alexa?  The public cloud powers her; up there somewhere with The Flying Spaghetti Monster and your Capital One bank statements.  The photographs of your regrettable and flabby spare tire on your vacation to Tahiti are probably there too.  Your secrets are safe with the cloud.

AWS is used by 80% of Fortune 500 Companies and provides a lot of services to their customers.  Backrubs and hot towels not included. 

Luckily for the ordinary Joe, anyone can use AWS, and for relatively cheap.

With AWS, there are no upfront costs or ongoing commitments which resembles how squirrels feel or friends borrowing a Netflix account.  You only pay for what you use in the cloud, much unlike your gym membership. 

AWS is a hosting provider which provides over 60 services wherein you can run your applications on the cloud.

Taking Over the World

The government is even grabbing some AWS cheese.  The CIA has a 10-year contract with AWS in the ballpark of $600 million.  The decision for a highly secretive intelligence agency to go with a commercial cloud vendor was unprecedented at the time of the deal in 2013.

For the 17 agencies that make up the intelligence community, AWS allows them to coordinate and cooperate, as agencies share services and information with the cloud to avoid potential gaps, like the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  Osama Bin NO. 

Amazon Web Services has also nabbed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and NASA.  The Obama Administration also used AWS for managing Obamacare on Healthcare.gov.  Insert your own joke here.

But Why?

Amazon Web Services allow developers to build applications for colleagues or consumers, for enterprise support or e-commerce.   With AWS there are a complete set of highly available services designed to work together to develop sophisticated, scalable applications.  AWS even supports gaming companies to host their multiplayer functions on their servers.  When you or your kid is racking up kills on Battlefield 5 or Fortnite, you know who to thank.

There is infrastructure service, and they provide the servers, which can save companies thousands of dollars to NOT have to build their own data centers.  The money saved can go to extra scones and a Pop-A-Shot in the breakroom.  They can also hire a guy to put fresh ice in the urinals as well.

AWS is represented in 15 regions across major countries of the world, and a global footprint where data and services are available.  Anywhere in the world, you have a region within 1000 miles of your location featuring massive data centers and multiple availability zones.  And you thought McDonalds and Walmart were special.

Why it’s a hit?

Everyone is trying to use AWS and put their applications on the cloud.  Just like everyone bought Tae Bo videos in the ’90s. Here are a few more reasons:

  • The billing.  You only pay for what you use.
  • The Sign-Up process is easy. You sign up with an e-mail ID and a credit card, and you’re good to go. 
  • You can launch your servers without buying hardware and can be up and running in minutes. Bada-Bing Bada-Boom.
  • On-Demand access to highly deliverable storage, low cost compute, high-performance databases and the tools to manage these resources available without upfront costs. 
  • You can use AWS to store essential documents and files designed for durability and quick access.  Your naughty pics are safe with Amazon.

Are you convinced that Amazon Web Services are a hit? 

Or are you ready for a photo blog about Kim and her pink yoga pants.  I don’t blame you. She looks fantastic in them.